something I like


It’s easy to get trapped in a photography slump during the winter. I use the excuse that it’s too cold outside. Or consecutive days of drear give me sun depravation and before I know it I’ve gone a while without picking up the camera. Or worse, all the photos I’ve taken were out of necessity or guilt. Like, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t take pictures on Christmas morning? 


When I looked back through the photos from December I saw how few I took for myself. How few I really liked. And absolutely none I took just because I wanted to capture something beautiful that day.


So I made a deal with myself to take a step back. To take pictures with my mind and forget about feeling guilty if I don’t take the camera on every expedition. To make sure I take pictures I like.


Anonymous said…
i love these....they have heart. I love those little feet curled up under that little bottom. How very precious! 123 me
Anonymous said…
Me too!
Caleb said…
Makes me ache to be home.
Marian Frizzell said…
these are so wistfully beautiful. wow.