and then my soul saw you


Random, spontaneous date night set up by my husband and sister-in-law. Caleb called just as I was pre-heating the oven for dinner and told me to hold the baked potatoes, he was bringing home a pizza for the kids and we were going out.

This only happens a few times a year, because in general we really like being with our boys and miss them enough to rarely leave home without them. But on this night I needed to sit in my favorite restaurant and have all of Caleb’s attention. And even though we spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about the car, it was less about the situation and more about the revelation. We cleared our hearts of any remnants of bitterness and filled them up with peace and happiness.

Then we walked around Toys-R-Us until they closed and kicked us out. I told you we find it hard to leave the boys at home.

Thank you, Sharon, for keeping Jack and Jon and snapping this photo of us!