personal project: We, four | March


We parked next to the river and under the highway. We carefully stretched out our legs and unfolded ourselves from the inside of Caleb’s car. In the past two weeks I’ve ridden shotgun in it more times than in the entire year it’s been ours. As a family of four, it is a bit of a tight squeeze. Jonathan’s car seat fits, barely, but he has to ride with his legs folded up against the back of the driver’s seat. Jackson rides on a booster, something I agree to reluctantly because there’s no way his car seat will make it through the car door. Technically he meets the requirements for a booster, but if I have my way he will be a car seat kid until he’s eight!

Anyway. Despite the lack of space, the noise of the boys’ chatter less then a foot from our ears, and my enormous propensity toward carsickness when faced with the back and forth motion of a stick shift (no matter how smoothly it’s driven. I love you, Babe!), we have owned the experience and even enjoyed it. And for that reason we jumped in the trunk together and smiled for the adventure. And for being thankful to have it. And also for the hope that we won’t be traveling this way much more.

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