memorial day


Destination: lakehouse. The water was still a little nippy, but that didn’t stop us from jumping right in. I watched Jackson fearlessly fling himself off the top of the slide again and again. Forget sliding down, it makes an awesome diving board. My mom thinks Tucker should be clipped short before the next lake visit, and after contending with his wet hair all weekend, I’m inclined to agree.

I meant to come home yesterday and get a few pictures up, but it never happens that way after a weekend on the lake. It is the perfect place to get your fill of wind, water, and relaxation. And as we load up the car and pull down the twisty road that will take us home again, I say a little prayer and hope that Caleb is not as exhausted as I am. We are all asleep (excluding the driver) before we hit the highway.

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We also remembered the men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. My goal is to grow our kids in such a way they understand their daddy came home when others did not. And how blessed we are.


Anonymous said…
It is always most relaxing and fun for us to have you here. Hurry back! Afternoon ice coffee on the deck with a poptart, white chocolate chip pancakes , humis and pita chips, a dog sleeping at our feet, bird and lizard watching....homework and reading books. ..... it is all great. thanks.