projects again


Caleb spent the weekend in the garage with a pile of 2x4s. The heat was so oppressive that I only showed up to cut a few boards and offer my $0.02 once or twice. But after our project hiatus following the boys’ room completion three months ago, it was comforting to hear the saw whirring again. Fresh pine shavings make the best air freshener. And I feel like we are back to our normal weekend selves.


This room gave us such a case of burnout I thought we might never break out the drill bits again. The sander and I are still on wobbly terms. And by the way, this is the one and only time this room was this clean. Just keeping it real, friends.

And a mess of a different sort, courtesy of little fingers in flour:

022 025

Three weeks until no more school. The end. Amen.