don’t open the front door


Ah yes. Our front door. What can I say about this sad entryway? It was white once. I think. But over the years it has turned into a dark and dingy passage that we opened with trepidation because it occasionally harbored nesting birds. Okay, to be honest it has never been a very attractive front door. It practically screamed at you to find an alternate route into the house. Or just drop the package and run, which is what the UPS man does I think.

So since we’re working on the exterior of the house lately, I couldn’t ignore the door any longer. In the midst of our shutter project, I also undertook the entryway.


It’s pretty amazing what a little paint can do. We used the leftover paint from the shutters for the front door and a can of spray paint (from the attic) to repaint the fixture (also found in the attic). The wreath was from my crafting spree last Christmas. I pulled it out of the closet and gave it a shabby vibe. The only things we bought were the flowers which I planted in some cheapy buckets, dressed up with a roll of burlap ribbon, and we’re done.

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