forever kinda love


Dear Caleb,

Today I have you home for the first birthday/father’s day in many years. Being apart from you makes me realize how lucky I am to call you mine, but finally being together on this day makes me realize how much I love you. How you do everything you can to make our hearts grow closer even when there are miles, states, or even an ocean between us. You have the only words that could span that kind of distance and stroke my cheek, hold me close, and whisper “Don’t you dare be anyone other than yourself.”

Thank you for always knowing when to hold my hand and for never letting me fly solo, for finishing my sentences and for never giving up on my dreams, for folding a mountain of laundry in the middle of the night and for teaching me how to love our boys just a little better.

To the man who commands a table full of Legos better than anyone I know:

You have my heart and my forever kinda love.