lake life


When I was little, spending time on the lake was the highlight of every summer. I can’t remember a lot of things about my childhood. The house we lived in is blurry. The dogs we had are a distant memory. But I can recall summers on the lake with perfect clarity. Down to the feel of the wind rushing past the boat, searching for the golf balls that missed the green and went in the drink, and carefully keeping my toes out from under the dock… because every kid knows that’s where the lake monsters live.

As I was sitting on the dock last Saturday in a blue adirondack, watching my kids and my brothers try to throw each other in, I also remembered a conversation I had with Caleb 10 years ago. One where I tried to articulate what a special place it was. And where I told him I couldn’t imagine my kids growing up without lake water in their veins.

Sometimes you realize you already have exactly what you always wished for. 

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My Mom’s kittens, Berani and Malu. Jack and Jon loved them. Tucker, not so much.

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After dark dock pyrotechnics.

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