porch chronicles


This is our back porch almost exactly one year ago after we’d (almost) finished screening it in and staining the floor. We managed to get a door on it before I ran out of steam on this project. It was quite a lot of work and I needed a year off, I guess. Not really. Actually, I’m notoriously great at starting projects and leaving them half finished. Just ask the inside of my kitchen cabinets.

But all that is about to change (I hope). We are on a mission to finish up all the loose bits around here. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’. Caleb starts a project and works it into the ground until it’s done, while mine pile up and glare at me from under the rug. boo.

So, first up, in order of longest unfinished business, we have the back porch.


Several weeks ago Caleb built a table and benches so we could turn this into an eating space. I finally got those varnished. The ceiling also got a paint treatment and a ceiling fan.


Slightly related: This is my beloved pile of pallet wood. Isn’t it awesome? Not everyone can see the potential here. I have to stand guard every time Caleb starts a bonfire in the backyard. He is itching to free up that garage space, so I figured I better start whittling away at the pile before it mysteriously disappears one day.


I selected similar sized planks and painted them with leftover colors we had on hand. I raided the scrap pile and Caleb’s stash of 3/4 inch screws to connect the boards together. Then I predrilled my holes. No really, I did. You should always predrill your holes. But I’m usually all about doing things the hard way. I have ruined many pieces of wood in my day. Please do not call me if you need a carpenter.

Anyway, made a small dent in the pallet wood and have art to hang on the porch that didn’t cost anything.


We still need another piece of furniture on the porch. Popular options are a) potting table, b) breakfast bar, or c) additional seating. But for now, I’m happy with the way it’s looking and we’ll check this project off the list. 

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Anonymous said…
Nice job! I'm impressed, as always.
Sarah T. said…
How are you not in Southern Living yet?
Unknown said…
Very cute!! Love it!
Karolena said…
it looks great! Like a magazine photo