Jackson with a “Mario bomb”

I thought Caleb’s birthday falling on the same date as father’s day warranted a mega party or at least a trip out of town. But if there’s one thing I have come to understand about my husband, it’s that he’s always most happy just being at home. So he spent the weekend digging a ditch and sinking 100 feet of drainpipe in the low area around our house. Super glamorous.  

02 004

True to form, we had one major hiccup when Caleb upset a nest of yellow jackets and had to run for his life. Living so close to nature does have disadvantages.


Thankfully the porch is screened so we were able to eat without them dive-bombing us. I know father’s day is supposed to entail breakfast in bed, but who wants to eat in bed when you have a porch.

003 002

He asked for a simple strawberry cheesecake. I embellished a little. And between the bees and the ditch, I got a little sidetracked and had to perform a two minute icing slather before dinner.


Not the prettiest cake ever, but it tasted pretty good which made up for its visual deficiencies.