I’m a fan of laidback holidays this year. Of course it’s fun to plan an over the top meal, have a decorated house and arranged activities. But that just wasn’t happening yesterday. It was more of a peanut butter and jelly, legos on every available surface, sitting around in our pajamas kind of 4th. And it was sort of perfect. Less about festivities and more about taking comfort in each other.

The only thing I made was peach ice cream. Aunt Vickie loaned us her automatic ice cream maker. My boys are pretty sure it arrived straight from heaven. I have to agree that making homemade ice cream in 30 minutes without the hassle of salt and ice is epic. I hope I don’t gain ten pounds. This appliance has an opening in the top (supposedly for adding ingredients while the machine is churning) so your 4-year-old can breathe on every iota of ice cream before it’s finished making.

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When evening arrived we made our way down to the Chattahoochee where we sat on a red, white and blue quilt, ate really expensive funnel cakes and snow cones, and listened to Alan Jackson music while watching the fireworks. And this year we knew where to park to avoid the traffic delays. We pulled straight onto the highway and headed home to bed. Perfect. All.

iPhone photos from the night:


I don’t LOVE my iPhone for photos, but I did LOVE not guarding the big camera all night.