just us three


Dawn found us on the interstate headed for the Atlanta airport. Caleb caught a flight there and will be gone for a few weeks. The trip between us and Atlanta is wonderful at 6:00 in the morning. Jack and Jon are quiet and contemplative. The sky is beautiful and I always find myself curled up in the passenger seat, facing left so I can study Caleb while he’s driving. I memorize all his gestures and the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles.


We dropped him off, said our goodbyes and headed into the city. Destination: IKEA. I can’t quite figure out why my kids like Ikea so much. I’d blame it on the cinnamon rolls, but Jack and Jon are totally into the furniture. They go from one room setup to another telling me which nightstand we need and which lamp is the coolest.

Jackson is becoming an awesome blend of my decorating sense and Caleb’s practicality. As evidence when he indicated a grey coffee table and said, “This one would look nice.” Then he turned over the price tag and said, “But we could make one ourselves.”

012 011

I love breakfasting at Ikea but I’m slightly frightened by the scrambled eggs which are unnaturally yellow and full of air pocket holes. Jackson calls them “swiss cheese eggs”.

008 009

We stopped by my sister-in-laws house for lunch and to let the cousins play together. I was so tickled to find my youngest nephew just a few days into walking. This seems like just yesterday:


I was all set to head straight home when we left that afternoon, but Jack and Jon had other ideas. Jonathan suggested we eat dinner somewhere… at 3:00. When I told him it was too early, Jackson said “How about we go to a store.” WHAT?? I have to drag you into the car when there’s nothing but a jar of olives in the refrigerator and WE HAVE TO GO TO THE GROCCERY STORE OR I’M SERVING OLIVES IN A BOWL FOR LUNCH. And he’s all “Okay, but can we just wait until tomorrow to put on clothes and leave the house.”


Yeah. Mall is not usually on Jackson’s list of acceptable places to spend time.


On the other hand… The Lego Store. It took them two minutes to spend all of their carefully saved chore money.


Okay. I got roped in too.

02 003

21 horses on the carousel and they want to ride on the only bench seat. Of course. I was not included in this decision and I got dizzy just watching.


We ate ice cream and milkshake for dinner. Because that’s what they wanted and I knew we were going home to be just the three of us for a little while. Sometimes ice cream for dinner is just completely appropriate. 



Josalyn Snyder said…
Love Ikea, me and my sister are heading there soon! I agree, ice cream is totally an appropriate meal choice. The Lego store looks so cool!