My grandmother, my mom’s mother, passed away yesterday after a long and well-fought battle with cancer. She was the most soft-spoken, kindest person I knew and everyone who met her loved her. She always had a beautiful garden, maintained an immaculate house, and passed on a fantastic lasagna recipe. She loved my Papaw with a passion until the day he died and beyond. I know she was patiently waiting for the day she’d be in heaven and see him again.

When Caleb and I were newly married, living in a leaky trailer and surviving on love and ramen noodles, she’d send us home on the weekends with a trunk full of cheerios, canned fruits and vegetables, and a little “gas money” in my pocket. We called it the “Memaw care package”. She believed in us. I loved her dearly.

Please pray for her family and friends who are left here to miss her so much.



Anonymous said…
Thanks honey. I love you. me
Deb said…
Praying for your wisdom as your sons absorb the loss and for you as memories roll with tears and love.
Sarah T. said…
girl, you got me crying again. this is lovely. she is so missed.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. You are so right. She loved you and your family so much. Thanks again. VLR
Josalyn Snyder said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. She sounds like an amazing person and I'm sure the memories of her (along with her amazing lasagna recipe!) will carry on for many generations to come.