bits and pieces


We had a particularly lazy (restful?) weekend. The first of its kind in… I don’t even know. No appointments, no projects, nowhere to be. It was strange and also amazing.

In the midst of a raging Bionicle battle, staged on every available living room surface, Tucker and I shared the recliner with Caleb. Me because I can. Tucker because he’s jealous of any affection that isn’t directed at him. I pretended to be interested in the PGA championship but really I watched Caleb’s eyes move back and forth across the page of a WWII biography, a random lego flew across the room, and a Cavie snuggled a little deeper into the crook of my arm. It was like the final scene of a movie, complete with musical crescendo, french kiss, and fade to black. I don’t deserve this life.




Jack and Jon whip up awesome cinnamon banana bread. Jack reads the recipe. Jon ignores him. I’m not completely sure what all went in there, but miraculously it turned out. There weren’t any leftovers.

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The National Infantry Museum is a sobering experience for my kiddos. I see it affect them a little more deeply every year. The environment inside is exactly what you’d expect from a building honoring the warriors who fight on the front lines. The sounds and reality of battle are everywhere. Jackson asks tough questions and we answer them honestly. Our kids are growing up with a fogless understanding of what it is to be American and what it costs to live the life we do.

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Caleb made dinner Saturday night and we ate vegan. What?! Who are you and where is my reluctantly vegetarian husband?? Turns out he can dish up a truly awesome stirfry.


Happy Monday.