hey there august


Happy first day of August!

(I had to consume two cups of coffee before writing this post. Might have something to do with my insomniac tendencies when Caleb is away. But more likely it’s because the new line of lego bionicles came out this morning and the boys could not wait any later than 5:45 to check it out online.)

I think I am finally at peace with the school year coming at me like a freight train. I’m starting to get the school supplies fever. Like, whoa, if we don’t get that list soon there might not be a single box of crayons left in this town.

And there’s also the hint of a promise at cooler weather. I don’t believe it today, but the calendar says we are closer to jackets again than we were last month.

And Caleb is coming home in less than a week. We’ve missed him a whole ton. The boys are ridiculously excited about picking him up from the airport. And the grass really really needs mowing.

I’m happier to see August than I thought I’d be.


Jon begs his Uncle Mike to throw him in the water

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Jackson is still hanging on to his other loose front tooth


The boys take the legos to the lake because there are uncles to help build. It’s their version of lego heaven.

009 008010

my grandmother trying out the boys’ crayons

011 013

The view from the dock is oh so sweet

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