that time I almost faced a coyote


“Balance precariously on this tiny stool while you take a million photos? Absolutely!”

Last night I realized I’d risk being eaten by a coyote for this dog. I came up to the conclusion when we lost Tucker for about an hour. One minute he was there and the next I hadn’t seen him for a while. Not usual. ever. The dog spends his days superglued to my ankle. He has a “spot” in every room and during the day he makes the rounds with me: kitchen rug, bedroom chair, worn carpet under computer desk, etc. The only time he unpeels himself is at six o’clock when the garage doors roll up. And then we fight over Caleb’s attention the rest of the night. If you’re ever in the mood for hero worship get a Cavalier.

So when Tucker wasn’t in the living room with the family last night I had to assume he’d gotten in serious trouble. We called him all over the house, questioned the boys about letting him outside, questioned each other, got stressed out and ate a handful of chocolate chips (okay, that was only me). Finally I donned a headlamp and headed out the back door. No one remembered letting him out but where else could he be?

I stepped out into the blackness and my head conjured up the most morbid possibility I could think of: the dog had been eaten by a coyote. That gave me pause for a second while I decided whether or not I would face my own dismemberment if I were to go looking for him. Just as I’d agreed with myself it was worth the risk, the door behind me opened and Caleb called “I found him!”

Location: closed in the shower stall

Reason: unknown

Intelligence: –1. A bark to indicate his whereabouts would have been appropriate.