kitchen update


No, I didn’t paint the inside of the cabinets. Ha. I still plan to get around to that. Sometime this year, hopefully.

We did move this vanity into the extra space along the kitchen wall and created a little more surface space in the kitchen. I love that I can clear the things off and use it as a coffee bar when we have company. While we were at the lake last weekend I picked up my grandfather’s old typewriter. On the way home Caleb and I brainstormed about how to display it in the house. This wasn’t one of the options mentioned, but the typewriter just sort of landed here all on its own.

Turns out Caleb knows just about everything there is to know about operating a typewriter. How? I don’t really know. The boys and I sat around and watched him check all the functions and load a piece of paper. And you can’t even imagine the collective squeal of delight when we discovered the ink ribbon was still viable.

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Anonymous said…
Sarah T. said…
that is precious. I am so jealous!