tea and school supplies


Today marks the end of a really good book and the beginning of a likely obsession with vanilla chai tea. Boom. Where have you been all my life? I’m not usually one to enjoy many hot drinks during the summer but the last few gloomy, rain soaked days have made me crave coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. I discovered I keep ingredients for chai tea in my pantry and didn’t even know it. Caleb insists it tastes exactly like the tea he frequently drank in Iraq. He said this with a wistful sort of smile so I have to assume it is one of the better memories from his time there.


In other news, we finally knocked out the school supply list. Last year I refused to believe that one kindergartener could possibly use all those boxes of crayons and glue sticks. Until he came home at the end of the year with what remained… a few nubs of red crayon and three dried up markers. 


Jackson is completely indecisive about first grade. Some days he’s excited. Some days he hates the very thought of it. Since when is this normal for a six-year-old? It’s like we bypassed something and jumped straight to teenager attitude. In an effort to get him excited, I bought the pencil box he really wanted even though I could see there’s no way all his pencils, crayons, and markers will fit in the thing. Guess I’ll be sending along a ziplock bag. When did I lose my common sense?! And sun, please shine tomorrow??


Katie said…
Do you make your vanilla chai tea? With teabags? Chai lattes are my fav. and I have been trying to find a good way to make something similar at home. love hot tea!

You have a first grader! Remember when we moved to Auburn??? I have been reminiscing for the last week.