30 years


I flopped down next to Caleb with the last piece of chocolate cake and only one fork. Then I ate three huge bites accompanied by the appropriate appreciative noises to get his attention.

Me: “Help me write a blog post about my parents. They’ve been married 30 years today.”

Him: “Okay. Is that the last of the cake?”

Me: “Yep. If you help me you get cake.”

And then we brainstormed until the plate was scraped clean and I still didn’t have a blog post. I tried hard not to be cliché. To come up with a way to say how great my parents are, what a great example their marriage has been, and how much I love them without sounding like a hallmark card. 1/8th of a chocolate cake didn’t deliver anything other than a sugar coma so I’ll just say…

Mom and Dad, thanks for working hard at loving each other so completely. Happy anniversary.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks, Jackie. Love it! and love you all!
Sarah T. said…
Okay. I love this so much. I love my aunt and uncle! Lovely pictures, Jackie! as usual.