a little this and that


Friday I got stuck in the lego trap.

lego trap [leg-oh trap] noun

1. the situation in which a diligent adult is driven to complete “just one more set” long after the child has lost interest.

I was lacing up my shoes Friday morning to go for a run when Jon asked me to help him find a particular lego piece. Thinking it wouldn’t take long, I kicked off my sneakers and sat down in the middle of the boys’ floor. And that’s where Caleb found me six hours later (disclaimer: I did make lunch and meet the bus, okay).

Caleb: What’s going on?

Me: My legs are asleep and I can’t focus on anything more than three feet from my face… but look at all the legos I built!

Caleb: Okay, you need to walk away now.

Me: I can’t stop in the middle of this set!! Here, sit down and help me find pieces.

Caleb: I’m leaving while I still can.

Parents of boys, it’s coming for you!


I bought one of those chocolate samplers at the grocery store. I don’t know why, but it may have had to do with the small portion of my brain that still can’t believe I’m an adult and no one can stop me from buying a box of chocolates and opening them in the car. In the process of handing the box over the backseat so Jon could pick one, I bumped my arm and did a complete fruit basket turnover with the bon bons so when we got home there was no way to tell the orange crème from the maple crème. It’s amazing how they all taste alike when you don’t know what they’re supposed to taste like. Experience ruined.


We’ve rearranged our bedroom and redistributed most of the furniture to other parts of the house, including the nightstands. It’s time for a fresh look but I can’t seem to solidify my ideas, except during the past two weeks I have come to understand the need for bedside tables.

Me: How do you like fishing your phone off the floor every morning to shut off the alarm?

Caleb: I don’t love it. Is that why you moved me to this side of the bed? So I’d have to sleep next to the void?

Me: I thought it might help you develop an early appreciation for the nightstands you could build me.


For the certain someone who asked why there haven’t been any recent pictures of the pooch: Here ya go!