It’s funny how I can go months without being bothered by the unfinished kitchen cabinets, and then one morning just wake up obsessed with getting them done. Such is my life and I don’t wait around when the urge strikes to get on a project. I was out of white paint, though, and nothing can kill a project like a trip to the paint aisle with my four-year-old. SO I surveyed the left-overs on the paint shelf in the garage and came up with half a quart of chalkboard paint.

Is it crazy to paint the inside of the cabinets different from the outside?? I don’t really know, but I sort of love it. There’s space to write a few happy notes, directions to anyone who might be searching for something in my kitchen, and a very vegetarian grocery list (you’d think I could have spelled “tomatoes” right). And there’s always an available canvas for a kid in an artsy mood.