September doesn’t mean cold weather


The last few times we’ve been to the lake I thought it would be the last swim of the year. But even though the air is slightly chillier, the water is still clinging to the summer warmth and my boys will be jumping in until it becomes unbearable. They swim until the sun goes down and then they swim in pink tipped water.

We haven’t pursued swimming lessons. I learned to swim in a lake and I know they will too. But we haven’t pushed. I believe the boys will eventually grow the desire and confidence to take the floaties off on their own. And this trip Jackson brought it up. He dog paddled between his grandaddy, his daddy, and his uncles with a huge smile on his face. It was sort of perfect. 

007 006 02 003

Frogs hide under the canoe seats

005 004 008


Anonymous said…
Still warm enough to swim here...hurry on back!