the best part


I had no choice but to recline my seat, close my eyes, and pray for deliverance. We were driving back from photographing a wedding and it was raining buckets, barrels, cats & dogs, etc. As if the roads through downtown Atlanta aren’t scary enough, add a torrential downpour and an army of red brake lights stretching to the horizon, and BAM! My worst nightmare.

Had I been driving, I would have cried. Or pulled off the road. Or crept along at something way under the speed limit with my hazard lights blinking. Yep, I’m that driver. Instead I closed my eyes and shut completely down in the passenger seat, good for the ride and not much else. On the other hand, my sweet husband navigated the sloppy street, pushed a water bottle across the seat at me, and made a hotel reservation.

Sometimes, when life is the craziest, I know why he’s the best part of me.