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Kids do not hibernate in the winter. FYI. If anything, I think the crisp air makes them crazier.


We were recently blessed with a half bushel of the biggest apples I’ve ever seen. In case you are wondering, a half bushel is a lot of apples. Google searches this week included ‘best way to dispose of moldy pumpkins’, ‘what exactly does “gangnam style” mean?’ and ‘what to do with a half bushel of apples’.


My cousin, Katie, spent the night with us last week. The boys woke her up at the crack of dawn and they all had a stuffed animal war in the hallway. Jon’s exact words were “Can she live with us forever?” Conclusion: if you want my kids to adore you, let them whop you with toys at 6:30 am.


Found the boys under the truck having a mechanics lesson last week.

“Starting them off early, huh?” I said to Caleb.

“They asked me to explain the parts to them,” he replied. And then he grinned for a week.