Cherry Berry is our go to place for good grade treats, Friday afternoon outings, and when you just have a hankering for Nerds sprinkled over pretzel flavored frozen yogurt. Oddly enough our kids usually choose strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and kiwi for their toppings (which I secretly think is just as weird as Nerds).

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If you’re at our house on Sunday afternoon you can bet the TV will be on and a football game will be keeping us company. Not that we are avid sports fans or into pro ball at all, but having a game going in the background reminds me of my childhood. For old times sake, I think of calling my Dad and asking him which team we’re pulling for. He’d lean back in his chair and think about before replying “Neither team is our favorite, but we’re slightly more interested in the white team.”

Fall is for football and I find the rhythm of the chanting crowd and the drone of the announcer’s voice soothing. And so I turn on the TV and I happily read a book instead. 


Fall is also for long sleeved shirts and pants, but I haven’t convinced Jack and Jon yet. So far they show up every morning in t-shirts… or no shirts at all.


Game night is a regular around here. We are particularly crazy about Jenga and Monopoly (which Jackson calls “mono polee”)



Christmas is “just around the corner” but so far I haven’t been tempted to buy a single ornament or given a thought to getting out the decorations. And, most shocking of all, we have only consumed one and half quarts of eggnog so far this season.

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We stumbled upon this guy at a craft show on Friday. He had an honest to goodness real beard, big belly, and a surprisingly good HO HO HO. And he did his very best to convince Jackson, who eventually quit asking questions about the ridiculousness of flying reindeer and started compiling a wish list on the spot. We got in the car and did immediate damage control. 



50’s day at school today. Happy Monday.