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Merry Christmas to me!!!
Isn’t she adorable?
She’s a Cavalier just like Tucker, with different coloring obviously. She’s been here for a few days and I’ve been meaning to blog or at least take some decent pictures, but a) she never sits still and b) I’m constantly busy keeping her out of trouble and fishing legos out of her mouth. Also, I’d forgotten just how fun housetraining is. Especially the part where I’m obsessed with poop. When did she poop? Where did she poop? Is she looking for a place to poop? etc.
Her name is Piper because Jackson suggested “Viper”. I misunderstood and the rest is history. But she has a firecracker personality and responds to Viper just as well as Piper.
We spent Thanksgiving day on the road to North Carolina to pick her up, with a stop in Atlanta to have lunch with Caleb’s family. We’ve never driven quite that far with the kids so it was definitely an adventure. A good one. But we were all a little sleep deprived and the high five when we crossed back into Alabama was legendary.