dinosaurs and leaves


North Carolina is a lovely State. What we saw in the 13 hours we were there was beautiful. My favorite thing was the colors. Huge fluffy piles of leaves in the corners of the roads and carefully stacked at the ends of driveways. I guess if you live there it probably gets old.

009 013

We found a science center in Greensboro and spent a few hours there before driving back to Alabama.

003 02 008

My boys thrive in this environment. I can see their minds soaking up knowledge. They wanted to stay all day. Ironically, it was me who herded them through the exhibits and had to drag them away from the spider room. I can only take so many tarantulas.

007 004

In the human body exhibit we encountered an entire display about Asthma. Jon wouldn’t admit it, but I think he found it pretty cool.


Had I known Caleb was photographing me about to be eaten, I’d have made a more appropriate face.


Outside the science center was a small zoo.

014 012

The boys burned off energy before getting back in the car.


All in all, not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving break. If we get the chance to visit North Carolina again, we’ll take it. But Caleb says no more “turn and burn” trips. In other words, 1000 miles in two days is stinky beets.