he and me


We had one of those upside down weekends. The kind where nothing goes quite as planned. The kind where there are too many items on a to-do list and no extra hours in the day. And the kind where I grab a shovel out of the garage and start digging an enormous hole in the yard without actually thinking through the logistics of an in-ground trampoline. I’d like to call it “spontaneous” but the better description is “impulsive”. It’s just how I roll.

It was somewhere ankle deep in red clay and around the third time I heard Caleb mutter “I really wish we had thought this through” that my reluctant brain registered his use of “we” instead of “you”. Meaning, no matter who started the mess and who got dragged into it, we share the blame if it goes belly up. And for that I love him. To pieces.

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photos by my brother, Michael