J & J house


My parents built the boys a tree house. For real. They had workers at the lake working on it for weeks while we were completely oblivious. My mom told me she had a huge surprise for the boys. I thought it was a turtle, or a drum set, or maybe a three tiered cake decorated in Star Wars theme.

Imagine my complete shock when I pulled into the driveway and there it was in all its trap door, fireman pole, prime lake view goodness glory. Never. Never did I suspect a tree house. And that’s saying something since the last time I was successfully surprised was on my ninth birthday when I asked for new wheels on my bicycle and got a brand new bike instead.

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I think this is prime real estate as far as tree houses are concerned. There’s the covered portion that keeps out the rain, and the deck portion for star gazing or trying to throw acorns all the way to the water.


But my favorite thing about the tree house? Technically it belongs to the kids, but logistically it’s big enough for all the adults.