master changes


We started changing our bedroom back in September. I don’t think a conscious decision was ever made to overhaul. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide on something different, or gather ideas and implement them all at once. Over time we had realized very little about the room felt like our style and we just didn’t love it anymore. 


We had blue walls and brown bedding with many different mixed and matched fabrics. There wasn’t anything wrong with the room or the colors, but little by little it was becoming less fun to spend time there. I am constantly growing and changing, developing style and new ideas. The spaces in this home are forever changing too. I try to move a few things every couple days, even if it’s just a stack of books or a lamp shade. But sometimes I let a room become stagnant, maybe because I can’t figure out how to change it or I’m sentimentally hanging on to things in the room that I don’t really like.

Anyway, I decided it was time for our bedroom to reflect our style again.


This is a small master bedroom so we started by getting rid of all the furniture we didn’t use everyday. Then we committed to monochromatic colors and crisp white bedding. I had to fight the urge to sprinkle yellow in this room because half my brain says you can’t have a real bedroom without at least one bold color, but in the end I have to admit the neutral pallet is very calming.


This room was built with a clear design and one wall where the bed is supposed to go. I hated having our bed there, but I also couldn’t move in it front of the window without having a headboard that would block some of the morning light. 


I searched and searched and finally found a bed that seemed perfect. It’s by Ralph Lauren and has a price tag to match: $2,850. Caleb designed our bed based on the picture and built it for less than $200. In the interest of saving space we decided to only construct the headboard, but I like it so much we may finish the rest of the bed.


I used a mixture of antiques and modern accents. Most of them were thrift finds or things we already had in the house. I literally gasped when I stumbled upon this old surveying equipment that belonged to Caleb’s grandfather. It had been stored in our house for years and I completely forgot we had it.

My grandfather’s typewriter is hanging out in this room too.


Here’s a look at the nightstand we built several weeks ago. I stained it to match the bed and gave it modern drawer pulls. I’d originally planned to have matching nightstands on either side of the bed but threw that out when I realized we didn’t need that much drawer space. We don’t have his and her “sides”, meaning whoever goes to bed first decides where they want to sleep and the other follows, so sharing a nightstand works just fine.


I love maps lately. I feel like they add sophistication and charm to a space. I created this map art for our room using matching Ikea frames and a USA map aged with coffee.


This is a really relaxing corner to sit and read or sip tea in the afternoon, but more often than not it is occupied by a certain cavie. 


Caleb asked me when I was going to declare the room finished and I had to tell him that this room, like all the others in this house, will probably never be “finished” but I can’t imagine liking it any more than I do right now. And that’s enough for today.