personal space


I was four years old and an only child before my brother was born. When my mom asked me what I wanted to name the baby I told her either “Pinhead” or “Papercut” would do fine. I don’t know if my mom was frightened or just impressed that I knew the word “papercut”. Either way, the story has been told so many times I’ve lost count. Thankfully my choice of baby names didn’t reflect the way I felt about the little brother (or maybe they did and I just don’t remember). We grew up to like each other pretty well so it’s all water under the bridge.

Last week after Piper arrived I got a text from my dad asking if Tucker wanted to name her “Pinhead” or “Papercut”. I imagine the sentiment is probably similar but if Tucker could talk he’d suggest “Little Swiper”, “Ear Biter” or “Personal Space Invader”.