15 snake books


Jackson is suddenly a bookworm this year. He’s always loved books but now that he can read for himself he’s developed specific tastes in literature. Gone are the days of reading superhero fiction. He’d much rather devour 100 Things Your Mother Doesn’t Want To Know About Snakes. I’ve done nothing to encourage this… except buy him rubber snakes for Christmas… and occasionally turn on episodes of Jeff Corwin. Okay! It’s all my fault!

After he’d finished the scant few books we had about snakes and spiders I suddenly remembered our library membership. Last year I paid $35 to use the public library in Georgia and then I borrowed two books. And then I racked up a $4 fine. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, it will deter any further library activity.

There’s nothing like the automated system to deliver a kick in the pants. When I dusted off the library card and logged in, it was kind enough to remind me that the membership would expire in February and that my last activity was in March. Ouch. Can one borrow enough books in two weeks to make up for 10 months? We’re determined to find out.