Among other things, the flu left me with a seriously dirty house, an aversion to untoasted marshmallows, and the ability to sleep in until 10:00 AM. Whatever internal clock has kept me on track for the past two years reset back to my college days. I can now pass as a zombie anytime before lunch and smack an alarm with the best of them. Caleb took one look at me and offered to drive Jackson to school yesterday. I owe him a dinner that takes longer than five minutes.

With Jack safely on the way to his first day back and Jon ensconced on the couch with Charlie Brown, I braved the frozen grass without a jacket or a cup of coffee and that’s when I learned that Piper is a car chaser. Full throttle down the double yellow line without looking back. And we’ve already established she is the faster one. I imagine my neighbors looking out the window and nodding yep. I’m back dude! ! Screaming down the road in pajamas trying to prevent a Piper pancake!

I’m considerably cheered. This is feeling more like normal.