really cold ants


So Friday night was the coldest night we’ve seen this season. It dropped below freezing, which is such a rare thing this far South that everyone was freaking out and buying up all the faucet covers in town. And the local news ran a special segment to remind people to bring their dogs inside. It’s an education for all those who don’t know what happens “below freezing”. Like my 6-year-old who actually asked the question “what’s below freezing?” Well, some people get snow below freezing and frozen driveways and sleet. Or if you’re us… you can see your breath in the air next morning. Isn’t it great?!? Let’s all go around hyperventilating into the sky because it may only happen once this year! Quality winter memories, right there.

Saturday morning Caleb happened to walk up the driveway and check the mail because I hadn’t opened the box in a couple of days. When he came back to the house he tossed a small manila envelope onto my desk and I was all “I’m not expecting anything… *gasp!!!!”  

After New Years I ordered 30 ants for the ant habitat Jackson received for Christmas. I ordered them and then I forgot all about them. That’s what happens when something takes two weeks to be delivered. Just when my subconscious had given up, they arrived. With a lovely warning on the package about extreme heat or cold. Uh huh. Welcome to Alabama ANTS! Last night was not an accurate representation of the weather around here, but a very good example of our postman’s lack of give-a-crap.

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Jonathan said…
Oh man that ant colony looks awesome. You should definitely take more pictures of it later.