buggy valentines


Howdy from a castle surrounded by a moat. Also known as our house and yard. It’s been raining for two days non-stop with flood warnings off and on. This means I’m pretty light deprived and seriously thinking of buying an inflatable raft. You do not even want to know what is going on inside the trampoline hole. Ghetto swimming pool or tadpole breeding ground?

I’ll think about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, valentines are “due” and as usual we put them off until the last possible minute. Jon and I braved the roads to search three stores for plastic bugs today. The electricity was off when we left the house so I had a wrestling match with the garage door in order to un-jail the car. Got back and wrestled it open again. Super fun. It was mostly dark by the time Jackson got home from school so we had to craft valentines near the kitchen window.

02 002

I was thrilled when I found these bug-in-a-jar downloads from Dandee. Perfect valentines for a little boy who loves bugs and not so into the usual pink and red hearts plastered everywhere.


I had Jackson sign his name on each valentine. Then I put a drop of hot glue in the middle of the mason jar and attached the bugs.

003 008

Pretty simple and fun. He can’t wait to take them to school tomorrow and I’m happy to have checked the block on another valentines day.



Anonymous said…
You are a great mom. So creative. 123 Me