Happy hearts and flowers day! I’ve never been much into Valentines. By the time the day rolls around I’ve had my yearly allotment of red balloons and candies spilling out of the grocery store aisles. And also, pink is not welcome in this house unless it’s strawberry milk. So I woke up this morning determined to live like any other day. No decorating, no eating massive amounts of chocolate, no red pancakes, and definitely no digging in the attic for the the heart shaped muffin pan.

My resolve lasted just until Jonathan excitedly jumped on the bed and stuck a floppy paper heart until my nose. Followed by Jackson who’d been in the kitchen making coffee. Which is pretty much when I realized how great it is to be the only girl on Valentines. So today I’ll be decorating just a little, and probably eating chocolate cake, maybe mixing up red pancakes, definitely looking for the lost muffin pan and absolutely loving on all my guys.


Marian Frizzell said…
As another only girl, I loved this.
neni said…
I am definitely not an only girl, but I still loved it. :-) Aunt Jennie