squeezing the most out of a small laundry room



The trampoline project is on hold while we reassess. You could say we are letting it marinate. Literally. I debated about posting a photo because no amount of photoshopping will make this look any better than really awful. In fact, Caleb’s exact exclamation was “Oh my gosh, are you really blogging that?!” But reality wins, you guys! There’s mud tracked all over my house and there’s an elephant watering hole in my backyard. Just keeping it real.


Now we’re on the subject of dirt, step inside my laundry room.


Now there’s an invitation you won’t get from me every day. You know how everyone has a space where they throw all the junk and hope no one ever has to see it? Yeah.

Our laundry room is one of the three doors off the front foyer, which means it’s one of the first things you see when you enter the house, which means it’s a horrible place to throw junk, which means whenever the doorbell rings I’m slamming the laundry room door shut and acting like there’s nothing in there.


When Caleb and I decided to share a work space in the living room we drilled a hole in the wall behind the desk and housed our CPUs on the other side, out of sight, in the laundry room. We built a platform to stack the computers on top of Tucker’s crate, which only helped with the clutter ever so slightly. Dog crate + huge computer towers = limited access to the washing machine.

Then this happened:


Miss Piper Pancake. With a P.

Caleb says if I keep calling her that it’s going to come true one day, and I’m all “Dude. It has nothing to do with that and everything to do with her considering the road her personal runway.”

Anyway. With a puppy on the way we had to figure out how to make room for another crate in the laundry room, and while we were at it I wanted the CPUs someplace where I wasn’t dumping washing power on them every morning.


We decided to utilize every bit of space by lifting the cabinets about a foot up the wall. This gave us enough room to raise the washer and dryer and build a space for the dog crates underneath. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself that this setup would be much more convenient with a frontload washer, guess what… you’re right! But this one still has plenty of life left, and using a stepstool to do laundry is a small price to pay for an organized space (in my opinion).


His and Hers dog rooms. And there’s another space on the right, big enough for a third crate. PS. that’s not an announcement of any kind!


Unfortunately there was pretty much nothing I could do about the unsightly hot water heater, except remove it completely. And I’m not a cold showers kind of girl. So the best we could do was consolidate all our unsightly aspects on one side of the room.


Which means I only have to close the door a few feet to hide it from the UPS man. Now if I could just get out of my pajamas.