chronicles of an in-ground trampoline


Guess what we did on the first day of Spring break!

The trampoline is actually in the ground. I cannot believe it. I woke up this morning and ran to the window to make sure I hadn’t dreamed the whole thing. After many months, the huge hole in the backyard is gone. Well actually it’s still there, but now it’s a functional hole with an obvious purpose. The neighbors can stop referring to us as those crazy peeps digging a bomb shelter.

Let’s review.


Day 1. I head into the backyard with a shovel and start digging. Caleb joins me an hour later.

Caleb: “What are you doing?”

Jackie: “I’m going to bury the trampoline.”

Caleb: “Do you have a plan for this?”

Jackie: “Of course. The plan is to dig a big hole and put the trampoline in it.”

Caleb: “That’s not a plan. That’s an impulsive idea.”


Turns out he was right. It’s unwise to start anything bigger than a minor weekend project without an actual plan. And it takes more than one weekend to put a trampoline in the ground. But I was tired of seeing it in the backyard with all its bent poles and holey net. The boys were jumping on it less and less and I figured putting it in the ground would solve all those problems.


Day 63. I finally admit that digging a hole this big by hand is not as much fun as it sounds.


We drag the trampoline into the hole to gauge the size.


Minor issue.


If he looks mildly annoyed it’s because this was right after he asked me to clarify EXACTLY how I measured the trampoline for the correct size hole.


Day 75. We build the frame in the hole and make sure it’s level. Then we start removing all the dirt from the center.

02 014

Jackson brings home December’s journal.


Day 82. A week of rain and another minor problem. Those things that look like whale intestines are actually drainage pipes that unearthed and floated after the hole filled with water.


Day 118. After several weekends of correcting drainage issues, digging out the trampoline legs (again), installing a fabric skirt and reburying we finally put the springs back on the trampoline. And Caleb tells me I’m never allowed to start a project without a plan ever again. Ever. Again.


But he also said it was completely worth it. Because we could barely keep the boys off long enough to finish the installation. And then followed many screams of delight. I think it’s a hit.



Anonymous said…
Awesome! So, let me guess...when you guys leave this house, packing the trampoline is entirely YOUR job, right?! Or's a permanent upgrade?!
Love you all,
Andrea L. said…
You're crazy... and I love it. And Jackson's journal entry is priceless.
Anonymous said…
Garret Miller said…
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Bobby Jassos said…
Trampoline is a form of exercise: rebounding. Rebounding is just a fancy name for jumping on a trampoline. I can remember begging my parents for a trampoline when I was younger, only to finally get it when I was too old to want to jump on it (glad you got to enjoy it little brothers!)
Unknown said…
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