log window


Caleb cut these logs for me back in December…


I told him I needed some “fireplace” wood, which is weird because we don’t have a fireplace. I expected him to ask questions, but instead he just dragged the reciprocating saw out of the garage and went to work chopping down a small tree in the backyard. And then he told me to throw the logs in the burn pile when I was done and he’d take care of them later.


He should know better than that. I’m not in the business of wasting nice logs. Logs are not for burning. Logs are for decoration!


This week I decided I needed to change up the antique window in the living room. I like the whole twiggy thing going on, but it’s looked this way since I painted it five years ago. Time for something different.


I chopped up the log into rounds.


And hot glued them into the windowpanes.



Anonymous said…
so cool. #girlcanusepowertools ! 123me
Sarah T. said…
Those pictures of Jon are too cute. love his pants and red hat! very impressed once again, but what's new. miss yall! :)