round two


I am *this* close to throwing caution to the wind and getting a flu shot next year.


Still not worth the side effects. But seriously, this is round two of the flu to sweep through here in three months. Only Caleb escaped. Jack had it first, and then Jon, and then me. The difference between us was significant.

Jack: home from school one day, naps after school for several days afterward.

Jon: miserable for three days, coughs all night for two more.

Me: runs a fever for FOUR days, can’t eat anything but scrambled eggs and applesauce.


It was an experiment in child independence and the boys did better than I expected. Granted, the living room looking like a tornado had swept through after just ONE DAY. And they ate us out of sandwich fixings, cereal and milk. And Tucker didn’t get brushed for a week and the hair on his leg got together and made a dreadlock I named Walter. BUT at least the boys played together nicely, kept each other fed and didn’t let the dogs starve.


Caleb was able to come home a few days early and boy was I glad to see him and all his mountains of dirty uniforms. So far he’s cleaned up the house, restocked our food supply, and surgically removed Walter. Feeling a little torn about that last one.

Pretty confident about this one, though: I’m done with flu.