chickened out


My parents came down to visit on Friday and brought with them some feathered friends for our backyard. That’s right. I’m adding chickens to the list of animals whose poop I’m responsible for.


For a few months we’ve been considering whether chickens might be a good fit for us, and when I mentioned it to my dad he got to work securing a coop and two pullets. My lack of practical chicken knowledge is astounding so it was with a ton of trepidation that I said “Friday’s great. Bring them on down.”


Caleb came home from work one day last week with a dozen eggs from a coworker’s flock. They lasted about two days. They were that delicious. Once you taste backyard eggs it’s hard going back to store bought.


These girls will be ready to lay in a couple of weeks.


I handed the camera to my mom so she could take a few pictures of us introducing the chickens to their new home. This photo (above) is my favorite she took.


We can’t decide on names. Current suggestions include “Ginger & Babs”, “Cupcake & Cookie”, “Emme & Anna”, and “Batman & Robin”. I’ll let you guess who nominated that last one. 


Marian Frizzell said…
You are my second friend to join in the backyard chicken craze. I don't think I will ever join you guys there. I don't know if you were there when we tried that in Bandung, but I distinctly remember being chased around the yard by Napoleon (our rather pudgy rooster) while he pecked viciously at my knee caps. Yep. I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life.
Anonymous said…
Aww this makes me miss Jon and Sandi even more. Christy