chicks at 5 days old


We left the chicks safely tucked into their cozy brooder and went to the lake for the weekend. We came home two days later and found them all grown up.

Just kidding. Sort of.

It’s amazing how fast they grow and change. Literally overnight. Two days was enough to put them beyond the bumbling baby stage. They are now stable on their feet and they sleep like chickens, hunkered down with their heads close to their bodies. That’s what I miss most. The baby sleep stage when they would nod off every five minutes, usually swaying gently before falling over in a prone position with one foot in the feeder.

It looked like this:


And the first time I saw it I thought I had a dead chick. I made a racket removing the bars on top of the brooder and the little girl popped up off the ground and started eating again.


I lamented to Caleb that I didn’t video the babies before they grew out of it. He said we’ll get more.

No really, he did.


We tried to get one good photo of all three in a line, but you can see how well that worked out.

005 003

The chick on the right is a Black Australorp. They are known for being very good layers, but extremely shy around people. She is already a favorite of Jon’s, probably because she squeals indignantly whenever a hand reaches down to pick her up.


This girl is a Dark Brahma, or otherwise known around here as the “Dark Mama” thanks to Jon. Very sweet little chick. She likes being held more than the others.


And lastly, my Blue Cochin. I picked her just because I wanted a Blue Cochin. I haven’t formulated an opinion on this one yet, except to say that she is BIG and fluffy. Very quickly passing the other two in terms of size. Her wing feathers seem to have a head start. And look at all that lovely down on her legs and feet.


Guess what?

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said…
Chick butt, maybe?!
Marci J said…
The cuteness is utterly killing me. Now I want baby chicks... and I don't have a single place to put them!
Daddy said…
Getting more is an inevitability.

...I've come to terms.