Easter picnic


We hosted Easter weekend here this year. All of Caleb’s siblings and his parents were able to come so it was a full house and a lot of fun. I’m still dealing with a sugar hangover. I had to eat the last piece of cheesecake for breakfast this morning so it would quit calling my name from the second shelf of the frig.

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday so we met in a spot on the Chattahoochee River for lunch and to hide eggs for the kids. Then we packed up all the food, discovered we’d left the lights on in the truck, begged my brother-in-laws for a jumpstart, and headed home to visit on the back porch with a cup of coffee while the kids burned through their candy on the trampoline. This was the first time I’d ever hosted anything other than a small birthday party so I left the weekend behind feeling like I’d crossed one more barrier toward adulthood. To compensate I painted my nails neon and spent the afternoon playing with playdoh.  

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Anonymous said…
i want to see the nails too! love you . guess I will see them Friday? 123 me