more chicken goodness


I spent the better part of yesterday with my nose in this book. And now I know absolutely more about chickens than my husband wishes I did. If you’re getting tired of hearing me talk about our birds, you’re in good company. Caleb was barely through the door yesterday when I pounced on him with my latest thoughts on coop improvement.

Me: “I have a fantastic idea! Seriously. This one isn’t like the other ones, either, it’s truly brilliant.”

C: “Oh great.”


Our goal eventually will be to give the girls a little more room for grazing in the yard. They love being let out of the coop and we enjoy watching them overturn leaves in the search for bugs and making a game of balancing on the swinging door. But our yard isn’t fenced in, and furthermore, surrounded by woods we know to contain coyotes, hawks, opossums and snakes. So chicken outings have to be closely supervised. Yesterday I found paw prints in the backyard from what I assume to be a massive dog. And although I’ve never seen a raccoon around here, I’m sure if anything would lure them out of the woods it would be our plump little birds and their eggs (coming soon, I hope!)

Nope, haven’t had a sign of laying yet, but I hope that means when they do start it will be with a bang. To say I’m a little impatient would be an understatement.


Marci J said…
I absolutely love hearing about your chickens and cannot wait to hear more. I love the pictures and loved seeing their coop. Please keep the stories coming. Also- thank you for such a beautiful; blog filled with beautiful pictures!