a few things


Jackson has been late to school every morning this week. I have whatever “-itis” hits on the last full week of school. I mean, really? Are the last couple of days necessary? Can’t we just call it good and start summer right now?

If loathing school is a crime, I’m guilty.

ps. That’s my kid in the front with the binoculars.


Yesterday I shot this squirrel off the top of the bird feeder after it had successfully chased all the birds away and been sitting there stuffing it’s face for a good half hour. And then I took a picture of myself and a dead animal. I embrace Alabama a little more every day, y’all.

ps. I’d like to clarify that we live outside the city limits and I used a pellet gun.


I found a really good deal on a cowhide a few weeks ago so we have a new living room rug.

ps. Feels like this should be related to the picture of the squirrel for some reason. I don’t know why.


Both our hens are now laying. And they seem to have finally synchronized so I’m collecting two eggs most mornings before 10:00 instead at random times all day. It’s nice not making a trip to the coop every hour and I’m sure Caleb is glad I can quit obsessing over the egg schedule. I’ve never owned an animal as rewarding as these chickens.

ps. As I wrote that, I glanced over at Tucker who stared at me indignantly from the chair where he spends 90% of his day thinking of new ways to bark in the middle of the night, poop on the driveway, or put teeth marks on the blinds.

I’m just going to leave it at that.