chicks at 15 days


It’s almost baffling how fast baby chicks grow. At fifteen days they are filling out with feathers fast. We have finally gotten them on a day/night schedule by keeping the light on in the hall bathroom during the day and turning it out when we want them to settle for the night. Initially we had the light off most of the day (anytime one of the boys would use the bathroom they’d automatically turn the light off) and the chicks were up cheeping half the night. They are old enough to start aggravating each other now so cheeping is frequently replaced by outraged squealing when one decides to sample someone else’s feathers.


We could spearhead a clorox wipes commercial right now.


I have to admit that the chicks project hasn’t gone quite like I thought it would. Jack and Jon have grown slightly disenchanted. Chicks make a lot of poop and are not the cleanest pets. And I’m the one to clean up after them so you could say I now have full mother hen status. I overheard Jonathan refer to them as “Mommy’s chickens” yesterday so you know whose got the naming rights, huh?


Blue Cochin. She’s just for looks.

I was flipping through a chicken catalogue last night and showed Caleb a profile on blue cochin chickens.

Caleb: “This says they only lay 2-3 eggs a week. Jackie, I thought we were raising chickens to lay eggs.”

Me: “This one is my lawn ornament.”

Everyone needs a pretty chicken, right?