first egg


On Monday we worked on moving the coop across the yard and attaching it to the run. It was nice to work on a project not related to the living room. Well, it was nice for me. I think Caleb splits projects into two categories. The ones that require four trips to the hardware store and all the ones that don’t. He needs a break. A day to veg out, maybe put the miter saw away, or actually be able to put his truck in the garage again. Problem is the dining room table is still in his parking space and likely won’t be making an appearance in the house again until it gets a makeover. Anyway, that’s for another day.


The chickens have names now: Babs and Ginger. Babs is the one in the front. And Ginger is the one missing a few tail feathers. We have been finding them around the coop in the mornings and my only conclusion is that Babs is picking on Ginger for whatever reason. I suspected a little more space would help, so when Caleb asked me what I wanted to accomplish on his only day off, getting the chickens access to the run was top on my list.

After a few rains we’d determined the coop needed to be in a higher area. And I wanted the girls a little closer to the house. We chose a spot near the back porch so we can see them during morning coffee. I have to admit there’s not much that’s more entertaining than watching chicken antics.

They were thrilled to have their home expanded. The very next day Babs rewarded us.


She didn’t quite lay in the nesting box (I moved the egg to take this photo) but who cares?!? She laid an egg!


I’m sure Ginger will follow as soon as she finishes re-growing her tail feathers.


Anonymous said…
Yea! I love it!
Scrambled, or sunny side up?!
Anonymous said…
That's eggsactly what you said would happen! Your Mom says that Ginger is sure to follow suit, especially with Babs egging her on :)
Jackie said…
oooh! chicken puns!