in need of a pitchfork and overalls


Me: “Someone on Facebook is selling a baby goat. Can we get a goat?”

Caleb: “No.”

Me: “Um, you didn’t even think about it!”

Caleb: “Okay, hang on a sec… …still no.”

Me: “Well, a goat could be useful. We might not ever have to mow the lawn again.”

Caleb: “Jackie, I goat would drive you crazy. Think about this.”

Me: “I have and honestly, I spend about half the day dealing with or thinking about animal poop already… You really think one baby goat is going to make much difference?”

Caleb: “Would you listen to the conversation we’re having!”

ps. The next post won’t be about animals, m’kay? Cross my heart.


Anonymous said…
Awwww....I love posts about animals!