a table again


Remember our dining table? Good, I’m glad one of us does. That table has spent so many weeks in the garage that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to eat with my plate on a solid surface and my feet flat on the floor.

Fortunately the time in the garage was well spent. We completely stripped the old finish off the table and bench and re-stained it in a slightly different shade. I also sealed the finish with several coats of urethane, correctly applied this time.


The dining room table was Caleb’s first project after he returned from Iraq. It was a labor of love in a frigid February garage. We were extremely green when it came to building furniture so the piece was not without flaws. I loved it just the same and we have used it every day, but since it was already in the garage while installing the new floor I decided to refinish the base and completely replace the top.


This time we used a solid top because I’ve learned that little boys and creases do not mix well. The temptation to see, just see, if that play-doh/paper/penny/piece of cheddar cheese will fit down in the crack is part of their genetic makeup. So we removed all those 2x6 boards (along with all the junk between them) and bought a hardwood door to use as the table top.


I stained the top gray to give us a two-toned look. New favorite.


Decorated with Legos of course. That’s just how we roll.


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