bossk brownies


Caleb is out of town this week. I’ve been chilling out and not starting any new home improvement undertakings.

Ha! Not really, but it was fun to type that.

Seriously, though, I am banned from the hardware store except in case of an emergency. So no new construction unless I can rustle up enough wood scraps from the garage. Hmm.


In the meantime I’ve gone to drastic measures to keep the boys down to 1-hour limit on the Wii/TV/Computer. What do they think this is?? I don’t know when the definition of “fun” shifted from riding bikes to laying on the couch in a stupor for hours. I even resorted to turning them loose in the kitchen yesterday. And when I say “loose” I mean, I cracked the eggs and walked away. For my sanity. Because the temptation to micromanage is overwhelming. Especially when there’s half a cup of cocoa involved.


Jackson follows recipes very well, but still working on reading measurements and understanding directions.

Jack: “Okay, we need one twos cup of sugar.”

Me (from the living room): “One half.”

Jack: “Oh, right. One half cup of sugar.”


A little later.

Jack: “Jon, did you stir the dry ingredients well?”

Jon: “Yes.”

Jack: “Okay, now set aside.”

Jon: “What does that mean?”

Jack: “Who knows.”

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What? You mean you don’t decorate your brownies with Star Wars action figures? Shame. They taste much better with reptilian footprints.